Life's A Trip

We have now fully partnered up with the foundation and a good portion of ALL Concrete Collective sales will be donated to the Life's A Trip foundation.  

About the Life's A Trip Foundation:
Life’s A Trip is a nonprofit organization committed to raising funding and awareness for blood cancer research. Our primary outlets will consist of fundraising events of all sorts, such as live music events, nightclub parties, sports tournaments and more. We are dedicated to delivering fun and entertaining experiences that will last a lifetime.
Our organization was founded in honour of our Co-Founder Liam "Trip" Nugent, who unfortunately lost his battle to an aggressive Leukemia disease only a month after being diagnosed. Trip was only 21 years old and lived a very active and healthy lifestyle. There were no early signs that he was sick and he was living the typical life of a 21 year old; working full time, going to the gym and socializing with friends.
This awful disease suddenly decided to come out of nowhere and took his life way too early. He became a prime example of how Life's A Trip. You never really know what tomorrow holds. It has become our mission to make other youth aware that these things can happen to anyone, regardless of the state of their health or age.
Along with creating awareness through our platform, Life's A Trip foundation will be raising funds for blood cancer research in Trip's honour, so we can hopefully change the lives of other cancer patients and families battling this terrible disease.


Please note that pre-ordering will only be available for 1 week at a time and it will take 6-8 weeks before your order will be fulfilled. 
All proceeds from our Life's A Trip Collection will be donated to the Life's A Trip Foundation immediately.
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